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Master Dynamics

A Little bit about us

Ever had a business task where you thought, i wish there was a simpler way, or had to beg and plead for assistance with a system or solution that just doesn't work the way it's supposed to?

That is how and why we came to be. Work Smarter! Having a background in IT and accounting software with database management, we soon realized the repetitiveness and patching of issues taking place. This along with human error, linked to time consuming and manual business processes brought us to where we are today. 

What we offer as solution architects

We offer an extensive knowledge of systems and software, to improve your internal business processes and greatly increase overall efficiency. Focusing on the Microsoft stack of solutions, as well as relevant add ins we achieve great business efficiency. 

However, instead of asking "What do we do?", maybe the question should be...





Tech terms like "Cloud and Apps, disruption and business process automation", have been going around for a while now. But who even knows what this all means and what is actually possible?! 

I had the pleasure of discussing this with a client recently, and after having realized how manual and labour intensive the business processes were, and which solutions could streamline their business and turnaround time, he looked at me and said "we don't know, what we don't know"

It dawned on me in that moment, even big enterprise may not know about solutions to problems that have been accepted as "just the way it is", and always has been. We pride ourselves in being Solution Architects and improving the disconnects that exist in disjointed stand alone systems.